The Hottest Toys from Toy Fair


From WowWee. Ages 8 and up.
$9.99 up to $19.99 - Available: 2012

A line of collectible toys that interact with free downloaded apps; the latest trend in gaming and graphics. AppGear changes the way consumers interact with the world of gaming, connecting apps with traditional tangible toys providing the user with a unique interface combining the digital and real world; essentially creating a new reality... "Amplified Reality"

Barbie Photo Fashion Doll

From Mattel. Ages 6 and up.
$49.99 - Available: August 2012

Lights! Camera! FASHION! Barbie® Photo Fashion® Doll combines fashion and photos with a simple click. The Barbie® doll is actually a digital camera and Barbie® doll's shirt is where the digital image will appear! Girls can select from pre-loaded graphics or take their own pictures to change the image on Barbie® doll's tee. With the ability to add frames and effects to photos and make your own slide show - see what happens when you play with BarbieŽ! Once images are downloaded and saved to a computer, the camera memory is freed allowing for more photo fun. Website with Barbie® imagery lets girls customize images taken with their Barbie® Photo Fashion® Doll. Barbie® Photo Fashion® Doll can hold more than 100 images and features an internal rechargeable battery.

Barbie: Dancing With the Stars

From Mattel. Ages 6 and up.

The Dancing with the Stars Barbie dolls capture the costumes and artistry of the popular Dancing with the Stars TV show. Each of the three dolls is dressed for a different type of dance. The Paso Doble Barbie's red "satin" gown is full of drama and passion just like the fiery rhythms of the Spanish dance. The doll features a black and red jacquard bodice, hoops linking the skirt to her hands, drop earrings, and a gold bangle. The Samba Barbie doll wears a festive ensemble of bright, tropical colors inspired by the Brazilian celebration Carnival. The skirt is accented with yellow feathers and pink and orange organza. The top and skirt are linked together with a string of flowers twisting down the doll's torso. The flowing pink gown of the Waltz Barbie is inspired by the elegant and romantic dance. The costume features a long three-tiered ruffle skirt, cut-out sleeves, and a shiny pink bodice with silver trim. The doll also wears matching pink jewelry and heels.

Bounce, Bounce Tigger

From Just Play. Ages 3 and up.
$39.99 - Available: August 2012

One of the most iconic and well-loved children's characters is one of the most anticipated feature toys for Fall 2012! "Tigger's gonna make you bounce, bounce" with this dancing, shimmying, rocking version of everyone's favorite lovable tiger. While playing his signature theme song to the tune of the hip hop hit "Jump, Jump", Tigger shows off his best dance moves in sync to the beat of the music. Kids can dance and giggle along with Tigger as he bounces to the left, bounces to the right, rocks back and forth, and does his signature "wiggety, wiggety wiggles"!

Buddy, The Skateboarding Dog

From Jada Toys.
$49.99 (Approximate) - Available: April 2012

No dog trainer required for Buddy the Skateboarding Dog, the only soft plush R/C that actually rides a skateboard. Kids will experience the fun of skateboarding as they scoot Buddy the Bulldog forward, right, left and reverse using his R/C controller. With sunglasses and his tongue hanging out, Buddy is one cool dog.

Crayola Marker Airbrush

From Crayola. Ages 6 and up.
$24.99 - Available: September 2012

With the Crayola Marker Airbrush, kids can now create amazing airbrush effects on paper, fabrics and windows with their favorite Crayola broadline markers! It includes everything kids need to create spray art using their Crayola markers! The Marker Airbrush is kid-powered, and works with a simple hand pump. Just attach a marker, pump it up and spray -- no batteries required! Can be used with any Classic Washable Broadline Markers, Washable Pip Squeaks Broadline Markers or Crayola Window Markers.

FyrWyrkz Sparkler

From I-STAR. Ages 6 and up.
$9.99 - Available: Summer 2012

The Sparkler is a handheld fireworks show for kids to enjoy on their own or with friends. With the press of a button, lights begin spinning in amazing orbits while generating explosive sounds. The Sparkler is part of the new FyrWyrkz line from i-Star Entertainment. This line of safe, powderless fireworks created for kids of all ages uses LED technology and coordinates realistic sounds to rival even the greatest fireworks show.

Hot Wheels Ballistiks Vehicle Assortment

From Mattel. Ages 4 and up.
$5.99 - Available: June 2012

Hot Wheels® gets a total turn-a-round transformation with Ballistiks® daredevil vehicles this fall. For the first time, Hot Wheels® goes from vehicle to "spherical," for never-before possible 1:64 scale stunts. With a quick fold and tuck, Hot Wheels® Ballistiks® turn from a vehicle to a ball that can be rolled rapidly across the floor, down carpeted stairs or anywhere boys imagine up a stunt. To transform back to a vehicle, simply crash the Ballistiks® vehicle into a hard surface where it pops back into spherical form making it the perfect size for portability. Collect all 24 vehicles.

Justin Beaver

From The Cuddle Barn. Ages 3 and up.

The newest star of the Cuddle Barn collection of clever plush characters that come to life by singing favorite songs. Featuring Justin Bieber's hit song "Baby," this cuddly 12-inch plush beaver is decked out in Bieber best, sporting a bright red hoodie and a black baseball cap tilted to the side. The Cuddle Barn collection also includes favorites Waldo, a Walrus, featuring the Cee Lo Green hit "Forget You;" Chuey Bamba, a chihuahua that rocks out to "La Bamba;" Blue Moo, a cow crooning "Blue Moon;" and many more.

NERF N-Strike Rayven Blaster

From Hasbro. Ages 8 and up.

Battles don't always end when the sun goes down, and now they don't have to. Light up your play with the glow-in-the-dark action of the N-STRIKE RAYVEN blaster, and take your NERF experience to a whole new level! The RAYVEN blaster is a motorized semi-automatic dart blaster with unique Firefly-inspired styling, and comes complete with an 18-dart Firefly Tech clip which charges 18 glow-in-the-dark darts.

Original Big Wheels

From Jakks. Ages 3 - 8.
$49.99 - $52.99.

Celebrating more than 40 years of being the "King of the Sidewalk," The Original Big Wheels back! The #1 selling Ride-On of all time features the BIG 16" front wheel, bright primary color decals, a three-position seat and sturdy plastic construction for safe riding. Today's kids can continue the tradition of Big Wheeling that previous generations grew up riding on, too.

Pillow Fighters

From i-Star Entertainment. Ages 8 and up.
$14.99 - Available: Summer 2012

A line of entertaining new plush created for kids to have the ultimate pillow fights. Designed with kids in mind, these pillows are shaped to be easily grabbed onto while swinging them in the air and taking aim at siblings and friends. Each of the Pillow Fighters characters make uniquely funny and disgusting noises like burps and farts that will fill the room with laughter even in the most intense pillow fight.


From Plasmarttoys. Ages 3 and up.
$79.99 - Available: Fall 2012

The PlasmaBike is a two-wheeled, no-pedal balance bike with a unique wide wheel shape that encourages balance development and helps avoid the need for training wheels when learning to ride a pedaled two-wheeled bicycle. The PlasmaBike's unique shape provides children a fun, more stable ride than traditional standard-wheel sized balance bikes and helps to avoid many of the falls, bumps and scrapes their parents experienced when learning to ride a bike.

Play-Doh Candy Cyclone Playset

From Hasbro. Ages 3 and up.
$19.99 - Available: Fall 2012

Create colorful PLAY-DOH candy concoctions with the new CANDY CYCLONE playset! The amazing gumball machine mechanism mixes PLAY-DOH compound and cranks out perfectly molded "gumballs". Watch as the PLAY-DOH gumballs roll down the spiral ramp into the bowl quickly and colorfully! Kids can pop the "gumballs" into the EZ Load Extruder tool to create colorful PLAY-DOH licorice and lollipops or use the Press 'n Mold Candy Maker tool to create fun-shaped PLAY-DOH treats. This playset includes hours of open ended "candy" shoppe play that will keep kids coming back for more! Set includes four 2-ounce cans of PLAY-DOH compound - enough to make over 50 PLAY-DOH gumballs!

Pop The Pig

From Goliath Games. Ages 4 and up.

Who's going to Pop the Pig? Everyone takes turns rolling the die to see how many chomps the pig will take. Feed the pig and push down on his head the number of times shown on the burger. With every pump, the pig's stomach will get bigger, bigger, and bigger! If he pops on your turn, you win!


From Ohio Art. Ages 3 and up.
$2.99 up to $17.99.

The Magical Mix That Takes Any Shape. This vibrantly colored and incredibly versatile compound provides hours of creative fun for kids of all ages. With Sandzini, kids can cut it, mold it, sculpt it, cover it, let it dry and, VOILA, amazing creations can be made that will WOW all the kids in the neighborhood. Great for young kids who love activity based play as well as for slightly older kids who want a more sophisticated arts and crafts experience. You gotta feel it to believe it.

Squishy Baff

From Spin Master. Ages 5 and up.

Transform water into fun with Squishy Baff! Turns ordinary water into glorious colorful goo and then back again. Create your own fun gooey adventures in your bathtub, while feeling it squishing between your fingers and toes! Comes with enough Squishy Baff powder to make two baths of goo! It's safe, fun, and doesn't leave stains or residue. When you are done playing, simply add the dissolving powder and watch it go down the drain! Non-toxic, biodegradable and easily goes down the drain. Squishy Baff - a whole new way to take a bath!

Take Along Soccer Match

From PLAYMOBIL. Ages 5 - 10.
$59.99 - Available: April 2012

Dribble your way across the field in the Take Along Soccer Match. With six athlete figures primed and ready to play, this set comes fully equipped with everything kids need to have a complete game experience. Goalie figures connect to an included goal joystick that allows kids to control the goalies' movements from behind the goal net. This compactable and travel-ready set also includes a 22 x 33 inch field, soccer ball, and other accessories.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shellraiser Vehicle

From Playmates Toys. Ages 4 and up.
$29.99 - Available: August 2012

At Toy Fair 2012, Playmates Toys will unveil a new line of action figures, playsets, vehicles, and role play inspired by Nickelodeon's all-new CG-animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Currently in production at the Nickelodeon Animation Studio in Burbank, Calif., the series is set to premiere in Fall 2012.

Zip-Bak Bow

From Zing Toys. Ages 9 and up.
$14.99 - Available: Spring 2012

Take aim with the Zip-Bak Bow, a long range bow that sends foam arrows flying over 95 feet! This compact shooter transforms for firing with Power Swing technology--check the tech! Ready, aim, fire as the bow arms pop open for extra action and added punch. Soft foam Z-Arrows fly right on target and feature bounce-back action--catch them on the fly!