The puppies Kelly and Jerry were playing with this morning can be adopted. If you're interested, call Jackie at the Stark County Humane Society in Canton, Ohio at 330-453-5529.

Traveling Tips

Always have a collar with a name tag on your pet. Label your carrier. Always have your pet on a leash when you are walking your dog. Consider a microchip in case your pet gets lost.

Take breaks every two hours — offer water — go easy on the food as nerves and a car ride can end up with an upset stomach and vomiting. Remember bathroom breaks can be hard in a new place so consider using a bathroom command to give your dog when you travel — a nice short walk at the rest stop is a good way to get a potty break to happen. Try to walk on grass away from lots of traffic.

Feeding Times
Do not change feeding times. We may like to snack but dogs do best on a schedule so try to stay with your regular food.

Toys and blankets from home make your dog feel safe and comfortable.

Car Travel
No loose dogs in the car. Please use a crate so the dog feels safe and you stay safe. You can find seat restraints for larger dogs. It's very difficult to brake if you have a dog under your feet.

Never leave your dog unattended while traveling. Never leave a dog in the car with the windows up. Dogs can over heat very quickly and it can be fatal.

General Travel Tips
Anticipate problems!! Bring a small first aid kit with you and call ahead to a veterinarian at your location. Explain you will be vacationing and if you have any troubles would they be able to see your pet. This way you are not searching for a doctor when an emergency comes up.

Fleas and ticks are bad this year, use prevention before your trip and ask your veterinarian what is best for your pet. Be sure to calm your dog and let them know the trip is a fun thing. Play soft music/offer them special homemade treats so they are relaxed on the trip.

Click here for Dr. Jennifer Jellison's Good Dog Cookies recipe.

Summer Care Tips

  1. Keep your dog's nails short over the summer so they do not snag on grass, bushes, etc.
  2. Check the pads for any cuts or blisters
  3. Remember to use sun care products as needed. Goggles can be helpful as well as sun hats- Be sure they are not too tight and the dogs are used to them before you leave them on, it may take a few tries. Do not use any products for an extended period of time. Light colored dogs may benefit from dog sunscreen as well.
  4. After swimming be sure to dry your dog off. Clean the ears gently after swimming and if needed use a dryer on cool air not warm or hot to help the hair dry quicker.
  5. Dark haired breeds can get over heated quickly so watch the sun.
  6. Any questions about summer care for your particular dog/breed, please call your veterinarian.