Every man needs a place to call his own and host Michael Strahan is no different. As much as Michael likes Kelly's former dressing room, filled with sparkly pillows and a centerfold of Mark Conselous, the show decided it was time to call in the experts -- Jason Cameron and Tony Siragusa of the DIY network's "Man Caves" -- to make this space Michael's home away from home.

Cameron, a licensed general carpenter, and Siragusa, a former NFL player and Man Cave specialist, transformed the space as they do on each episode in their DIY show. They took out every frill, fluff, and sequin, and turned his dressing room into a paradise fit for a King. Want some of these in your Man Cave? Check-out the list of products below and watch "Man Caves" on the DIY network to learn about transforming your space into a Man-Haven.

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Man Cave products: