Carley Roney, Editor in Chief of TheNest.Com shares how to Throw Your Own Oscar Party!

The Décor

Walk the red carpet! Have your guests feel like they are attending the Oscars by laying down red fabric for them to walk on when they come in. You can even make your own Walk of Fame with personalized stars straight out of Hollywood Boulevard, and have guests pose for a quick minute in front of "paparazzi" by the VIP step and repeat! These are very inexpensive and easy to buy — we got ours from BIRTHDAYEXPRESS.COM!

Create the perfect retro ambiance by hanging black, silver, and gold streamers around the walls, like this one by THE FLAIR EXCHANGE. Include all the nominees in the décor by putting each movie poster on a bottle of wine or champagne, and even have framed ones around the area for guests to get a feel of what movies to root for! These were all made by NAMESAKE DESIGN. And it's only appropriate to dress up the guests' drinks by adding little bowties to their glasses. You can even incorporate little film strips into nice flower displays in the living room to keep it all things film-related! These gorgeous ones were done by LINDSAY LANDMAN EVENTS!

Red carpet
Paparazzi Cut out
Hollywood Photo door banner
Walk of Fame
Oscar statue
Flower centerpieces
Movie posters on Wine bottles and in inexpensive frames on tables — Namesake Design
Black, gold, and silver streamers — Carmen Taylor, The Flair Exchange

The Food

Satisfy all of your guests' favorites with foods that represent the nominees. For Silver Linings Playbook, serve mini Philly Cheesesteaks, go back to the trippy 70's for Argo with cheese fondue, and for Beasts of the Southern Wild dish, offer mini bowls of gumbo for your guests to enjoy. Another option? Delight your guests with a popcorn and candy bar to grab some classic movie snacks. Have them create their own mixtures by filling up popcorn bags with different toppings like salt, M&M's, caramel, etc. Leave little candy bags for them to take home so that none of the treats go to waste! And of course have good ole fashion movie candy favorites — nothing better honors the movies like some good staples from the concession stands.


Fondue pot
Gumbo-making kit
All serving items and food display items (pitchers and bowls, etc.) on Crate & Barrel

The Entertainment

Start the night off right by letting everyone know that "it's in the bag" — they all have a chance of winning! Put out a bag with all the nominees names in it and have everyone choose one. If their nominee wins, they win a prize!

Oscar Bingo — We love this idea from HOW ABOUT ORANGE, a fun Oscar Bingo game incorporating Oscar PREDICTIONS from this year's Academy Awards. Will Anne Hathaway win Best Supporting Actress? Will the winner of an award have a crazy accent? You might get Bingo! Use gold star stickers to keep track and put on your Oscar board.

Have your guests pick their own winners! Create a ballot book for each guest to check off a winner for each category. The person who guesses the most winners correctly can win a prize — maybe a bottle of bubbly or a mini statue to take home for your very own Oscar moment. Ballots can be found on

Don't let the stars be the only ones to walk away with fabulous "swag bags" — give your guests a to-go bag filled with treats to let them bring some Oscar glam home with them. We've included some fun lip balm, chocolates, easy gourmet items, and even coasters for you both!


Swag Bag/ grab bag: Fill with small gift items like lip gloss, small boxes of chocolates, etc have one bigger prize like a gift card to local movie theater.

Oscar Bingo: How About Orange — keep track by putting gold stars on your bingo board.
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"It's in the bag": Guests walk in and select a nominee from the bag. If the person they select wins, they get a prize.
Burlap bag

Oscar Ballot: Oscars Ballot from that helps people keep track and the winner gets a prize.
•Mini Oscar statues
•Mini champagne