Episode Synopsis


Episode 18

Legend of the Seeker Episode 18


  • Craig Horner
  • Richard Cypher
  • Bridget Regan
  • Kahlan Amnell
  • Bruce Spence
  • Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander
  • Tabrett Bethell
  • Cara

Guest Starring

  • Craig Parker
  • Darken Rahl
  • Harry Van Gorkum
  • Malray
  • Katrina Law
  • Garen


  • Kevin J. Wilson
  • General Egremont
  • Elizabeth Blackmore
  • Sister Marianna
  • Neil Rea
  • Harkin
  • Faye Kingslee
  • Mika
  • Harriet Urlich
  • Sister Tyra
  • Kyle Pryor
  • D'Haran Walter
  • Syd Mannion
  • Tavern Keeper
  • Leand Macadaan
  • Angry Citizen

Production #


Written By

Stephen Tolkien & Ken Biller

Directed By

Andrew Merrifield


Darken Rahl plots his return to the land of the living using a hapless lookalike, while the Seeker races to find a stolen scroll that holds the key to his quest for the Stone of Tears.


When a Sister of the Dark steals an ancient scroll containing secrets critical to their quest for the Stone of Tears, Richard, Kahlan, Zedd and Cara set out to recover the all-important document and thwart the Keeper's deadly scheme to destroy all life. Meanwhile, Darken Rahl grows weary of his tenure in the Underworld and hatches a lethal plot to return to the land of the living using a hapless lookalike named Walter - a plan which could require the unwilling assistance of the Seeker.