Episode Synopsis


Episode 20

Legend of the Seeker Episode 20


  • Craig Horner
  • Richard Cypher
  • Bridget Regan
  • Kahlan Amnell
  • Bruce Spence
  • Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander
  • Tabrett Bethell
  • Cara

Guest Starring

  • Craig Parker
  • Darken Rahl


  • Laura Brent
  • Dahlia
  • Julian Curtis
  • Asa
  • Jay Ryan
  • Alastair
  • Elizabeth Blackmore
  • Sister Marianna
  • Helen Corry
  • Elodie
  • Campbell Cooley
  • Highwayman

Production #


Written By

Raf Green & Arika Lisanna Mittman

Directed By

Garth Maxwell


Richard and Kahlan discover the Stone of Tears is hidden in a magical land from which they cannot leave, while a surprise reunion lures Cara and Zedd into a deadly confrontation.


Led by a magical compass to the location of the Stone of Tears, Richard and Kahlan enter a mysterious, hidden valley. They find it occupied by a people whose sole purpose is to guard the object of the Seeker's arduous search, and discover it's a land from which they cannot leave. Meanwhile, outside the valley Cara's reunion with a woman from her past leads her and Zedd into a deadly trap.