Episode Synopsis


Episode 7

Legend of the Seeker Episode 7


  • Craig Horner
  • Richard Cypher
  • Bridget Regan
  • Kahlan Amnell
  • Bruce Spence
  • Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander
  • Tabrett Bethell
  • Cara

Guest Starring

  • Craig Parker
  • Darken Rahl
  • Jessica Marais
  • Denna
  • Gina Holden
  • Lucinda


  • Peter McCauley
  • Sorcerer
  • Peter Daube
  • General Grix
  • Nick Kemplen
  • D'Haran Lieutenant
  • Nigel Godfrey
  • General Bain
  • Meryl Cassue
  • Courtesan
  • Chad Mills
  • Dying Soldier
  • Joshua Winger
  • Aide-De-Camp

Production #


Written By

Mike Sussman

Directed By

Jesse Warn


Richard becomes an unwilling pawn in a plot by the Mord'Sith Denna to control the throne left vacant by Darken Rahl's death.


In the wake of Darken Rahl's death, one of his commanders, General Grix, tries to claim the throne of D'Hara for himself and eliminate anyone who could challenge him, including Richard Cypher, the rightful heir. Kahlan and Zedd track Grix's D'Haran soldiers, who plan to threaten his rivals with deadly force. Meanwhile, Richard and Cara track Grix to a brothel run by Denna, the Mord'Sith who once tried to eliminate the Seeker for Rahl. Richard soon discovers he is to be an unwilling pawn in Denna's deadly plot to control the throne herself, a scheme in which he may pay the ultimate price.