$1,000 Question Game Rules

    In the $1,000 Question Game, an audience member will face one multiple choice question for the opportunity to win one thousand dollars ($1,000). The audience member shall be selected by VCP from the pool of audience members on the day of taping without regard to their score on the audition test, if taken, and such selection shall be in the sole discretion of VCP. The audience member shall face a multiple choice question in the same format as questions used for regular contestants on the Program. The selection of this question shall be in the sole discretion of VCP, and may be of any level of difficulty. The audience member shall have no lifelines available to assist in answering the $1,000 Question Game question. Similar to regular contestant, the audience member must orally indicate that the answer selected is their final answer. Upon indicating that the answer is their final answer, the answer will be locked and the audience member may not change their answer regardless of whether the correct answer has been revealed. If the audience member answers the question correctly, they shall win one thousand dollars ($1,000), provided they meet all eligibility requirements and comply with the terms and conditions as stated the Official Rules of the program. If the audience member answers the question incorrectly, they will win no money. The participation in this $1,000 Question Game shall not affect the audience member's eligibility for participation as a regular contestant on the Program at a later date.